35 Lessons over 35 Years

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This week we celebrate the birthday of our beloved CEO, Rebecca Sutherland. As she enters her 12th year in business, she shares with us some of her knowledge by rounding up 35 of the biggest lessons she has learned in her 35 years of life.

  1. Challenge yourself – You start growing once you step out of your comfort zone.
  2. Don’t be afraid to fail – It is way better to try and fail (and learn along the way) than it is to never try at all.
  3. Surround yourself with the right people – You are most like the 5 people you spend the most time with. Who is influencing you?
  4. Be grateful – Value the people around you, the help they give you, and all the small things.
  5. Do something you’re passionate for – If you’re passionate about it you won’t mind working hard for it.
  6. Uphold core values – Few things feel worse than going against your values for something. Know what your core values are and stick to them.
  7. Put in the work – Results don’t magically happen, you have to work for them.
  8. Maintain a student mentality – Never stop learning! It’s how you stay ahead of the competition.
  9. Always prepare! – Preparing allows you to go with the flow and prevents stress.
  10. Underpromise, overdeliver – You will keep people happy this way.
  11. Have faith in yourself – If you don’t believe in yourself, why would anyone else?
  12. Don’t take things personally – Specially in business. Learn to not take things personally and deal with rejection.
  13. Invest in personal development – Emotional intelligence and people skill take you a long way.
  14. All that matters is how you make people feel – Be the person that always makes people feel special.
  15. Today not tomorrow – Don’t put things off. It’s better to do something this week even if it’s not perfect than wait until next week.
  16. Focus on commitment – Follow through on your commitment. Don’t base your work ethic on motivation.
  17. Get rid of negative thoughts – What you focus on, grows. Focus on the positive.
  18. Create systems and routine – This allows you to have less things to think through and less decisions to make daily.
  19. Stay organized – Also a big stress reliever to just know where things are.
  20. Be intentional with your time – We have the same amount of time in one day as Oprah does, the difference is how we spend it.
  21. Live in the moment – Enjoy the moment you are in, it’s won’t last long.
  22. Read. – For fun, or to learn about finances, or biographies. Reading biographies is like getting a free mentor, you are learning from someone else’s experience.
  23. Help others – It’s the fastest way to be successful, and makes it a lot more fulfilling.
  24. Have a vision – If you don’t know what you’re working toward you’re just wandering.
  25. Embrace change – It’s inevitable and necessary.
  26. Define the necessary – Know what your big rocks and small rocks are. That way you spend time on the things that are important.
  27. Smile – It makes you feel good.
  28. Take care of your health – You can’t get much done if you’re not at 100%.
  29. Simplify and unclutter – Clarity allows you to think better.
  30. Appearance gets you there, personality keeps – Look like you care.
  31. Actions speak louder than words – Follow through on your words. And be aware of the actions of others.
  32. Learn from everyone – Everyone has had different experiences in life. Take the opportunity to learn something from everyone you encounter.
  33. Pursue what inspires you – Even if it’s not for a profit.
  34. Do what you say you’ll do – Be reliable. Few people are. It will set you apart.
  35. Be a problem solver – This is how you create value for yourself. Be the person that solves the problems instead of complaining or avoiding them.

Learn more about Rebby Sutherland at www.rebbysutherland.com

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