What to Expect in an Interview

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Statistics say that interviewing for a new job is one of the top 5 most stressful life events. What we’re going to be asked on an interview, what is expected of us when we get there, and finding a place where we feel comfortable and connected are all examples of things that can lead to added stress. That is exactly why we have decided to divulge as much information as possible to future candidates who apply to North, Inc.

We have a three-step interview process. The breakdown of the interviewing process is outlined below.

Initial Screening:

Once we have reviewed your resume, and decided your education, experience, and interests fit our initial qualifications for a position at North, Inc., a preliminary interview will be scheduled with one of our hiring managers. Because we do face to face sales and marketing, it is imperative that the preliminary interview occurs in our main office in St. Louis.

Our main office is located in the Central West End of St. Louis. Upon arriving at our office building, you’ll be greeted by North’s HR manager. You’ll let her know your name and the time of your interview, and she will consequently get you set up with the necessary paperwork.

For each step of the interviewing process, we have paperwork that we request potential candidates complete. For the preliminary interview, the necessary paperwork asks that you fill out your preferred contact information. Also, so that we are able to match potential candidates with the right positions within our company, our initial paperwork includes questions around what you are looking for in a company.

One of our hiring managers will greet you in the lobby and lead you to one of our interviewing offices. The hiring manager will set proper expectations about the preliminary interview.

We use our preliminary interview primarily to gauge a first impression. Because we do face to face sales and marketing, we feel like if we get a good first impression, then our clients will as well. For that reason, we limit the initial interview as a way to gauge that first impression.

The first interview format generally involves open ended questions from our hiring managers, and some general information about the position.

The interview will last no longer than 30 minutes.

The hiring manager will give you ‘take away’ information about the company, and will let you know the time and date that we will follow up with you about our assessment of the interview.

Our goal is to ensure everyone that we select for a preliminary interview with us has a comfortable, yet energizing, experience with our company.

The 2nd Stage of the Interviewing Process:

We invite back candidates that we sense would be a good fit to meet with our clients on a daily basis.

If invited back for the 2nd stage of our interviewing process, we will find a time and date that is aligned with your schedule to meet with you for a longer period of time.

This stage of the interviewing process is the most fun and definitely a unique opportunity!

First, once back at the office for a 2nd time, we have more paperwork for potential candidates to complete. This paperwork is a lot more thorough, and has been considered challenging by some candidates. The questions are designed to understand more about each person, and to be sure we are fitting the right person with the right position. We ask that candidates fill out this paperwork to the best of their abilities.

After paperwork is complete, we are able to introduce the interviewee to current employees of North, Inc. We are of the opinion that a large majority of lives are spent working, so it is important to like the people and environment at work.

During the 2nd stage of the interviewing process, we allow a prospective employee to see what an actual day looks like, and shadow some presentations with our customers. We are able to see the potential candidate in an actual work environment, and see the intangible skills that we cannot see off of someone’s resume. We want to see someone can be confident and outgoing in front of our clients by creating relationships and generating conversations with them. At no point of the interview will the prospective employee be expected or even allowed to present on behalf of our clients. Presentations are limited to current employees, and we give the opportunity to shadow to someone who is interviewing with the company.

In addition, during this stage of the interviewing process, we sit down at lunch to review, in complete detail, all phases of the management training program, the objective requirements needed to move up in the company, and compensation for the position.

There is a large part of this stage of the process that we allow for a question and answer between the North, Inc. Account Representative and the prospective employee.

The 3rd Stage of the Interviewing Process:

The 3rd stage of the interviewing process is similar to the 1st stage in that it is brief.

Based on our evaluation of the 2nd round interview and your paperwork filled out at the start of the 2nd round interview, you may have a final interview. If you do, the final interview will give you a chance to ask any remaining questions that you may have and it will give our hiring managers a chance to ask you some remaining questions.