Our Vision

North Inc on Leadership

North, Inc. provides a resource where team members can:

Grow personally and professionally.

Build confidence and the belief in himself/herself.

Provide opportunity for others.

At North, Inc., our vision involves providing learning opportunities for all of our employees. Every day, we create an environment to help each person reach their personal and professional goals. Our award-winning management training program provides essential sales, business building, and leadership skills not found anywhere else. We coach our employees to understand the mindset, as well as the courage required to become an entrepreneur.

The executive team at North, Inc. visualizes our company expanding to over 250 locations internationally. To accomplish this unprecedented growth, we have a company culture deep rooted with entrepreneurial beliefs such as: 

  • A desire for freedom rather than security
  • A desire to achieve great wealth rather than just getting by
  • A desire to create rules rather than following someone else’s rules
  • A willingness to be fully responsible rather than say, “It’s not my job.”
  • Goals to make a difference in the world rather than complain about the problems of the world
  • Turning issues or obstacles into opportunities