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Why Love (Not Money) Makes Great Leaders

By admin|May 9, 2013|Business, Leadership, Motivation|

According to Dr. Herb Greenberg, founder of Caliper Corporation, great leaders are not motivated by money. This is just one of the conclusions Dr. Greenberg drew from his extensive research on the qualities and characteristics that make great leaders, which he published in his book, Succeed on Your Own Terms (which eventually became a New York Times bestseller). Among the hundreds of leaders interviewed for the book, Dr. Greenberg says that each had his

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5 North Inc. Exceeds Goals for Growth and Expansion

By admin|May 6, 2013|Business, Growth|

NEW YORK, NEW YORK (May 6, 2013) 5 North Inc., one of the leading providers of professional in-person sales teams is proud to announce they have exceeded the goals set for quarter one and are expanding to a new market. The company attributed first-quarter 2013 growth to continued strength in its workforce. “5 North Inc., is expanding as planned,” stated Rebby Sutherland, CEO of 5 North Inc. “I’m confident that, despite the tough

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5 North Inc. Shares on How To Stay Motivated At Work!

By admin|April 10, 2013|Motivation|

At 5 North Inc. we believe the most successful employees and sales professionals are those who are excited about their job.  There’s an energy that comes across from someone who truly loves what they are doing that makes everyone else around them feel happy and excited as well. But sometimes it is hard to keep your energy up.  Maybe it’s the winter  weather, maybe it’s car problems, or a fight that

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5 North Inc. New York Office Raises $1,000 for Operation Smile

By admin|March 20, 2013|5 North Inc., Philanthropy, Press|

NEW YORK, NEW YORK — 5 North Inc., one of the leading providers of professional in-person sales teams, announced that they recently held a fundraiser in their New York office for Operation Smile, a worldwide children’s medical charity, and successfully raised $1,000. “Once we put our mind to something, we do it,” said Chief Operating Officer Rebby Sutherland. “Everyone has rallied together so well to raise funds for such an amazing organization.

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5 North Inc., fun and games

By admin|January 15, 2013|5 North Inc., blog|

5 North Inc. recently returned from a tubing trip to the Camelback Ski Area in the Pocono Mountains, a reward for reaching their team goal before February.  About six members of the team went up for the weekend and came back, after having a blast slipping and sliding down the mountains.   But there’s more trips planned for the future.  A group of four will be going down to Philadelphia

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5 North Inc. Favorite Quotes for Businesses

By admin|January 1, 2013|5 North Inc., blog, Business|

If we did the things we are capable of, we would astound ourselves. – Thomas A. Edison   Flaming enthusiasm, backed up by horse sense and persistence, is the quality that most frequently makes for success. – Dale Carnegie Success is the sum of small efforts, repeated day in and day out. – Robert Collier   A good leader can’t get too far ahead of his followers. – Theodore Roosevelt

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Top Christmas Party tips for small businesses

By admin|December 21, 2012|5 North Inc.|

Every office feels obligated to have a holiday party, no matter how big or small they are.  It’s a chance for everyone to unwind, celebrate success, and get to spend time together outside of work hours.  But businesses in the past have run into problems with holiday parties, many of which were legal problems.   How do you avoid problems like this?  First of all, give your staff the chance

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Asking Employees What They Need

By admin|December 10, 2012|5 North Inc., Business|

A successful business is dependent upon many things: an able leader, loyal customers, quality products and services, a strong business model. But most of all, businesses need efficient, talented, and happy employees. Part of that is simply finding people who fit the culture of your company and add value. Teamwork and a desire to succeed and attain company goals are also important. But to do those things, you also need

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5 North Inc. Announces New Incentive for New York Office

By admin|December 7, 2012|5 North Inc., Business|

5 North Inc. has recently announced a new incentive for it’s New York office, if the team at 5 North Inc. reaches their goal for their client by February, the Executive Team will treat the entire office to a trip to the mountains. 5 North Inc. is dedicated to constantly improving the way that they do business and delivering superior results to their client. Check out the entirety of the

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5 North Inc. schedule for the holiday season

By admin|December 2, 2012|5 North Inc., blog|

5 North Inc. is back from the Thanksgiving break and are preparing for the rest of the holiday season.  What with the upcoming holidays, we’ll have a couple of office closures coming up.   Namely, the office will be holiday schedule on the following days: Monday, December 24th: 5 North Inc. will be closed for Christmas Eve Tuesday, December 25th:  5 North Inc. will be closed for Christmas Day Wednesday,

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