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“Hamilton’s” Lessons of Love

By HR|June 15, 2016|5 North Inc., blog, Growth, Motivation|

“And love is love is love is love is love is love is love is love cannot be killed or swept aside…” -Linn Manuel Miranda (Creator and Lead Actor of “Hamilton”)   As last Sunday marked the 70th Annual Tony Awards, it was evident that the theme of the night was “Love”. This was fitting as the devastating Orlando Nightclub Massacre occurred just hours that morning before. In a time

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Muhammad Ali’s Words of Wisdom to Live and Lead By

By HR|June 13, 2016|5 North Inc., blog, Fun, Growth, Leadership|

Last week the world lost a man who defied the ideology that leadership stems from the fortunes of status, money and titles. Muhammad Ali was not only one of the nation’s greatest athletes, but more importantly one of the nation’s greatest leaders. His death sparked a sense of nostalgia for every one that has met him, watched him, and known him. Everyone can think back to one of his most

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Lessons We Learned From Prince

By HR|April 22, 2016|5 North Inc., blog, Growth, Leadership, Motivation|

Legends don’t come often. But every once in a while a person is born into this world and they turn out to be revolutionary. Prince, all around musical genius, was one of those people. If we want to define success, describing the legacy that Prince has left behind in the music industry and in hearts of audiences all around the world will be a great place to start. Since his

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Five Tips To Help Manage Stress

By HR|April 6, 2016|Growth, Motivation|

At 5 North Inc, we believe that stress can be beneficial at times, producing a boost that provides the drive and energy to be the best you can be. However, an extreme amount of stress can have some other negative consequences. No worries because there are always healthy, positive ways to manage stress as it occurs. Everyone is different and thus, so is their way they cope with stress. But

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Top 10 Qualities That Make A Great Leader

By HR|April 4, 2016|Business, Growth, Leadership|

Great leaders aren’t born, they’re made. Here at 5 North Inc, we focus on finding and developing the next great leader. Having a great idea is not enough. To create a successful business venture, a great leader needs to find and assemble a team to bring that concept to life. Great leaders can successfully execute this idea with their team. This is what separates dreamers from entrepreneurs. Forbes shared a

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5 North Inc Team Takes Over ATL

By HR|March 24, 2016|5 North Inc., Fun, Growth, Leadership, Motivation|

Here at 5 North Inc, one of the things our team enjoys most is the traveling opportunity. This March our team spread all over the east coast for some more training, sales opportunities, and market expansion. One of the cities the team spent time in was in Atlanta – doing everything from training and learning, to paintball and karaoke. Traveling isn’t only a way for us to expand our business,

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CEO Of Charles Schwab on Leadership: “You’ve Got To Open Up To Move Up”

By HR|March 7, 2016|Uncategorized|

Here at 5 North Inc, we look for leaders in the making. Good leadership is the foundation of any business. So, how do we develop our team members into great leaders? We invest seriously in our people every day.  They are the reason we continue to succeed, and they will become the next generation of leaders we foster. This is a people helping people business, in and out of the

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5 North Inc Goes Blue For Colon Cancer Awareness

By HR|March 4, 2016|Uncategorized|

“Awareness changes lives,” were the favorite words of one of my college professors. With awareness, we are able to take precautions and make educated decisions. We are simply able to take care of ourselves and take care of situations a lot better. On March 4th, national Colon Cancer Awareness Day, the 5 North Inc team dressed in Blue to bring awareness to this totally manageable disease. With early detection colon

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5 North Inc “Practice Makes Perfect”: 7 Qualities That Require 0 Talent

By HR|February 29, 2016|Uncategorized|

Here at 5 North Inc we focus significantly on self-development. One thing that we’ve notices while evaluating and re-evaluating our growth  is that we see higher results from those that exhibit qualities of discipline and don’t possess any particular talent than from those that have a lot of natural talent but don’t show qualities such as work ethic, attitude, etc. As a result, 5 North Inc has compiled a list of

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5 North Inc’s 2016 Success Plan

By HR|December 30, 2015|Uncategorized|

There is absolutely no way to be successful without a plan. At 5 North Inc we take this very seriously. We encourage our team to constantly make weekly, monthly and yearly goals in order to know what they are working toward. Because a plan is necessary for success, 5 North Inc wants to share it’s simple guide to plan for success in 2016. Step 1: Have a Vision. In other

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