Equality Needs You

By HR|June 27, 2016|5 North Inc., blog, Business, Fun|

Yesterday marked the 46th year of the biggest pride celebration in the world—The March for NYC Pride. The March is meant to serve as a celebration of our lives and our community as a whole. As hundreds of people marched down the streets, they threw away their differences and identified with a common theme. The theme of The March this year was “Equality Needs You”.

As we reflect on The March, it is important to reflect on the importance of diversity in the workforce. Equality and diversity are people issues that are evident within the workplace. These are ones that defy laws in place, such as equal opportunity laws. It is baffling to hear that any business discriminates against any employee/candidate, as it purely hinders their successes. There is an ample amount of benefits that come from a diverse and equal team, and it is vital that all businesses and organization understand this.


Top 3 Cultural Advantages:

  • An environment with high employee moral
  • Development of a great reputation
  • Ability to recruit top talent based on skills and qualities

Top 3 Business Benefits:

  • Greater consumer market
  • More qualified employees means more results
  • Different minds means different perspectives with greater innovation and creativity


Diversity and equality benefits EVERYONE. Thus, it is important that there is an acknowledgement of the differences among employees. Additionally, the creation of an inclusive environment for everyone that values differences will only push businesses toward their successes. No matter what ethnicity, religion, race or gender you are, it is important as humans that we all stick together. No matter who you are, please remember, equality needs you.


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