FAQs about Employment Opportunities with North Inc

Application & Interview Process

We recommend having a resume, even if it’s a simple one. But if you are unable to provide one, we suggest you write a brief description of your experience or skills wherever one is requested in your application.

Varies by position. But after the interview process is complete, our team will make a decision within a few business days.

We do not charge any fee for employment or training at North Inc. North Inc is an equal opportunity employer. All our employment decisions are based on merit. All of our training is on the job and hands-on. No deposit or payment is required of any kind.

Each case is reviewed individually. Because our company promotes from within, most of our positions are entry level, so we are not able to offer sponsorship. Feel free to reach out to our HR team with any more specific questions.

At North Inc. we have a business professional work environment. First impressions are very important to us based on the nature of our work, so dress to impress!

If you are interested on joining our team, you can apply by submitting your resume here on our site. Or you can email your resume to our Human Resources team at HR@5northinc.com.

We have a 2-step interview process since we are looking for longevity in our employees

  • The first interview is done on a one-on-one basis with our hiring manager and typically lasts 10-20 minutes in length. It is an opportunity to learn about our company, client and position.
  • Our second round interviews are conducted by one of our top sales trainers, and give candidates an opportunity to see actual presentations of our clients and develop a more defined idea of what the day to day responsibilities would include.

Internship Programs

Individual university policy will determine if students get course credit for an internship. Please check with your career services or academic advisor to determine your options.

Recruiters and hiring managers within our company expect many of the same things from internship employees as we do from full-time employees. We look for individuals who understand and align with our core values and vision.


Interns are just as valuable and integral part of our team as our full-timers.

Yes! We usually have internship opportunities during the summer with our Sales or HR team (both paid and unpaid). We also offer internships to local students during the fall or spring semester depending on their availability. Reach out to our HR team to learn more.

Positions & Expectations

  • Paid training done on a one-on-one mentorship basis in a growth oriented environment.
  • Pay is determined by education, experience, as well as effort and performance during the training period. Pay structure is discussed throughout the interviewing process in depth and with a hiring manager.
  • North has several basic medical plans available.
  • Quality training in sales, marketing, business management and human resources.

Our compensation packages at North, Inc. differ based on the person and the position offered. Throughout the hiring process, our managers review options with potential candidates. Decisions are based on someone’s education, experience, position offered, and individual job performance once hired. After a preliminary interview is conducted, our hiring managers evaluate qualifications on an individual basis. Compensation is then reviewed in complete detail during the 2nd stage of the interviewing process.

Our Account Representatives are responsible for meeting with potential customers to put a face behind a multi-million or multi-billion dollar company. Our client-specific presentations ensure each CEO, CFO, or business owner is happy with the current service provided by the client, and also is aware of new products and promotions that are available to them.

Once Account Representatives demonstrate proficiency in client interaction and increased confidence in public speaking while presenting, our merit based system allows for qualified representatives to put their leadership skills to use. Because our goal is to quickly develop an Entry Level Account Representative into a Management position, we test their leadership skills early and often.

In summary, responsibilities of an Entry Level Account Rep include:

  • Learn and then assist in the daily operation of the company
  • Implement sales techniques
  • Set and accomplish daily, weekly, and monthly goals
  • Teach, train, and develop others
  • Develop strong leadership skills
  • Demonstrate excellent verbal, written, and presentation skills

Required hard skills vary by positions – but North Inc. provides a thorough training process to anyone joining the company. So we are looking for someone that is the right fit for our culture, vision and core values — we can teach them everything else.

Our team came together to compile a list of the main attributes we look for when considering a candidate, no matter the position:

  • Integrity & Character
  • Strong Work Ethic
  • Positive Energy & Sense of Humor
  • Competitive Spirit & Belief in Collaboration
  • Compassionate, Helpful, and Respectful
  • Coachable attitude & Student-mentality