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Happy Father’s Day to all the amazing dads out there! Whether biological or not, many of us have a role model in our lives that we look up to and consider a father to us. Father’s Day serves as a day of appreciation for all of those figures in our lives, whomever it may be. It is important to reflect on all the lessons those people taught you. From teaching you to ride a bicycle, to preparing you for your first job, each lesson can serve its purpose for years to come.


Here are 5 fatherly pieces of advice to remember, no matter what age you are:

  1. Scraping your knee after taking the training wheels of your bicycle is part of the process: There will always be an adjustment period in whatever new opportunity you are trying to tackle. Some scenarios will be easier than others, but that does not mean you are not going to fall every once in a while. Failure is inevitable and it is necessary in the process of learning and adjusting. So let yourself fall, but remember to get back up and keep trying.
  2. Tell the truth or prepare yourself for the consequences: There is never an excuse to lie. No matter what situation you are put in, people will appreciate the truth. Be the person who tells it how it is and is able to own up to anything they do. The truth will always prevail.
  3. Winners never quit, and quitters never prosper: You’ll never win if all you do is dwell on your losses. It is important to look back on your losses and pinpoint what it is that needs to be changed. Even when you feel defeated, push through those feelings of despair. It is only those who know what it is like to fall that know how hard they need to work to get back up.
  4. Grades don’t matter as long as you give utmost potential: Grades in school do not define you. What defines you is how hard you are willing to work. Let your efforts lead you to the success and person you want to become. Be the person that other people admire through your actions. Hard work pays off and results will always follow.
  5. Listen before you speak: Being a good listener is one of the most admirable traits in a person. This does not solely mean letting someone talk without interruptions. Rather, the key to successful communication and being an open communicator is to listen to and process other people’s perspectives. Before jumping to conclusions or going on any tangent, it is always important to have another point of view and acknowledge their input. Always internalize before you externalize.


So next time your dad gives one of his fatherly pieces of advice, don’t roll your eyes and walk away. Acknowledge them, appreciate them, and live by them. Thank you to all the amazing father figures out there and keep on inspiring!

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