How We Execute

Rebby Sutherland North Inc

North, Inc. works with clients that are leaders in the telecommunications, energy, utilities, and office supply industries – focusing on new client acquisition and client retention. We do not use marketing strategies like cold calling, mail, or mass e-mails. Instead, we develop relationships through direct marketing, with face-to-face contact, which enables us to deliver client-specific presentations. With a focus on each individual customer, and our strength in creating relationships, we have achieved a success rate that is unmatched by other marketing and advertising strategies. The growth and consistency that we have experienced has made us a staple in the industry. As a result of our proven track record, we have grown to over 20 offices since we opened our doors in 2006.


With the introduction of various forms of technology, marketing campaigns that were at one time highly effective for big companies like AT&T, such as telemarketing, mass mailing, TV, radio, and billboard advertising, are no longer providing anywhere close to the same return on investment as they did in the past. As a result, face to face sales and marketing provides a consistent and dependable method of increasing revenue that all companies, big or small, appreciate. To illustrate this point, see the current marketing statistics below.



  • Direct Mail has less than 1% return on investment
  • Over 72% of all Americans are on the Do Not Call List
  • 73% of people delete e-mail advertising without even reading it, and 63% of people have spam and/or pop-up blockers registered on their computers
  • 54% of TV households in the U.S. have at least one DVR, and 68% of DVR owners say that they’d prefer to watch DVR recorded programs over regularly scheduled TV with commercials
  • The average monthly cost of a billboard is $2000/month, with information conveyed very limited, and return on investment very uncertain.

According to the Direct Selling Association, direct selling is a robust industry with U.S. sales totaling approximately $30 billion/year and more than 74% of the American public having purchased goods or services through direct sales companies.

There is a saying in marketing that goes like this:

“If you don’t know who your target market is, use mass media. If you DO know who your target market is, go direct.”