Leaders Travel to Harrisburg, PA

By admin|May 13, 2013|5 North Inc., Business, Growth, Leadership|

Two of 5 North Inc.’s top sales leaders: Will Rodriguez and Cory Brogan are traveling to Harrisburg, PA to create a satellite office this week. These two representatives were chosen by Rebby Sutherland, based upon their impressive sales performance and exemplary leadership within the office.

“Both of these leaders have consistently worked hard to meet their personal goals which has in return set a great example for others in the company. Furthermore, both Will and Cory truly enjoy coaching and mentoring others,” said Rebby.

In keeping with 5 North’s core values of continual growth and development of their workforce, the chance to head this business trip and run their own satellite office is a great opportunity to gain more experience in running a company. The management training program that 5 North Inc. offers begins at entry level and throughout the training process each candidate learns basic sales/marketing skills, product knowledge, management of others, and operational management. The main goal of the program is to develop candidates from the ground up and to equip them with the things necessary to eventually run their own office.

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