Why to Love Working In America

By HR|June 29, 2016|Leadership|

What’s white and blue and red all over…Independence Day! As the fourth of July approaches, the deep sense of pride built in Americans comes out to play. This highly spirited holiday is meant to bring us together as a nation in honor of the independence of our country. We are reminded how great and lucky it feels to be an American.


In honor of the fourth of July, here are 3 reasons why you should LOVE to work in America:

  1. Fairness: America prides itself on their main principle of equality. It’s all about being fair. No matter what class, gender, race or ethnicity you are, everyone is meant to be treated with the same amount of respect. Different minds means different perspectives with greater innovation and creativity, and that is something to be acknowledged not pushed aside. Thus, the American morale is one that triumphs passed many others.
  2. Individuality: America is known for being a “Melting Pot”. The country not only accepts differences, but appreciates them. We are taught to question before immediately accepting any information. Thus, it is instilled in us to express our own opinions. Starting at a young age we are told it is GOOD to be different, and our various qualities are what make each and every one of us special in our own way. The knowledge and qualities we obtain leads to an astonishing amount of confidence that we, as Americans, obviously exude.
  3. Control: Americans are known for taking matters into their own hands. If you need something to get done by a set date, odds are, it will usually get done. People are on call 24/7, 365 days a week. Hard work never sleeps. Americans display a great deal of responsibility, which allows them to remain reliable and trustworthy to accomplish any goal.


Be PROUD to be an American, and work in the best place in the world! Express American pride and the nationality not only on July 4th, but every day. Remember how great it is to be an American that is placed in a thriving and successful workplace! And lastly, happy, soon to be, Independence Day!

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