Our Top Leaders

Sib Hussain – Top Leader

SibBorn and raised in Brooklyn, New York, Sib’s strong work ethic started a young age. From delivering paper to bagging groceries to working construction, he has essentially done it all. He devoted twelve years of his life to building his own, successful Limo company. Yet, he still felt the need to challenge himself even more. Thus, he brought his talents to the 5 North family to start a career that would push himself outside his comfort zone.

Sib is a strong believer in self-motivation. Each day, the man in the mirror is the one who pushes him to utilize his utmost potential to be his best self. He takes confidence in his skills to be a top leader. Sib’s work with 5 North proves that he thrives on helping others and delegating responsibilities to those he works with. He knows that in order to aid others, he must work on himself first.  With the proper training, Sib has grown immense amounts to not only make himself successful, but the people that work with him successful as well.

Sib is looking forward to the bright future he knows he has in store for himself. He will continue to work hard to build a strong foundation for his wife and child, all while creating and running an empire surrounded by the people around him. He looks toward Adam Sandler as a figure of inspiration who makes movies with friends, which allows him to have a great time while making millions. He believes he can mimic these skills with the work he is doing. “You gotta love what you do right”, says Sib. As he keeps pushing himself forward, Sib believes his greatest accomplishment is yet to be discovered and his successes are to be continued.


AJ Diaz – Top Leader

AJAJ was born and bred in Long Island, New York. Double majoring in finance and economics, he graduated from Muhlenberg College in 2013. As if his studies didn’t keep him occupied enough, AJ was also a college athlete. Playing both football and lacrosse, he believes that being involved in two varsity college sports is one of his greatest accomplishments thus far. AJ possesses the impressive quality of being able to multitask and complete each task wholeheartedly, that he indefinitely brings with him to the workforce each and every day.

AJ’s previous work experience includes working for Morgan Stanley. Yet, he craved an interactive and high energy job to match his personality. Thus, he began his work at 5 North. He believes that this company is one of the only work environments and career paths that could provide him with his collaborative and upbeat desires.

AJ remains motivated each day by reminding himself of his personal and professional goals. He pushes himself to the limit because he knows what it takes to get to where he wants to be. AJ looks forward to years of working hard to be able to provide for not only himself, but his family as well. As he continues to accomplish his goals, he hopes to own his own office and have his own organization in the future. For now, he remains an amazing leader and role model to the 5 North family!